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Some Facts On Tape Dispensers

Adhesive tape dispensers are largely divided into two categories – manual and bench-mounted – so we'll talk about those here. Tape dispensers are versatile, economical, and of course, portable.

Perhaps the most widely used version is the rose gold tape dispenser, also called the pistol grip dispenser, although it doesn't look like some kind of gun. Even in its simplest form, the tape gun holds the roll of tape to the spindle, wraps it around the roll so that it can be applied to cardboard, and cuts it with a serrated knife as the dispenser is tilted forward.

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The features to look for in a tape dispenser are:

Tape Control – This is used to force the end of the tape to stick to the applicator roller by suction or static electricity, preventing it from wobbling. This can lead to annoying, lingering wrinkles for yourself or the donor.

Blade Guard – This is a hinged plastic cover that covers the blade when the weapon is not in use. The blades can be quite fierce, especially when new, so it's best to know that they won't bite your passing fingers, but they should also protect the blade from being damaged if the weapon falls.

Dual Frame – Most gun tape is designed for standard 50mm wide tape, but also made for 75mm and 100mm wide tape. The double frame holds the belt spindle at both ends so that belt tension is even across the width.