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Things About Oktoberfest Themed Entertainment

Oktoberfest is often associated with beer, but festival traditions are much more than that. While the beer tents naturally provide drinks, they only play traditional Bavarian music. The original six Munich breweries still supply the beer.

This Bavarian festival consists of drinking beer, German food, music, and dancing. While it can be difficult to travel to Munich to attend this exciting festival, you can attend a smaller festival or event in a city near you, or organize your own Oktoberfest! You can also get information about the oktoberfest themed entertainment through the web.

Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest

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Although the festival began in the early 19th century as a wedding ceremony – and in later years as a wedding day – between a Bavarian prince and princess, it has been surrounded by beer-drinking for many years. 

So, if you're planning on hosting an Oktoberfest at home, don't forget to bring plenty of beer! Invite friends to sit outside in your beer garden and drink German beer while eating German food. Here are some tips on how to organize your own Oktoberfest!

Serve versions of German dishes on Oktoberfest-themed plates at Oktoberfest. For starters, you can make a fondue with cheese and beer and dip bread slices and soft pretzels and eat it with vegetables or whatever you want. 

Apart from eating, drinking and meeting friends, you can organize some drinking games. Set up a table for guests to play beer pong or other drinking games.