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What Are Keloid Scars And Its Treatment?

Keloids are scars that have been causing problems for years. These scars are observed on the bodies of men and women with an equal frequency. They are not rare and one of us can have one of them in our body.

Let's start with the first few days of history to start talking about keloid scars. In those heroic days, battle scars were treated as one of the most valuable medals, and the more someone was on their body, the braver a warrior would be. You can also search the web to look for the best keloid scar treatments.

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The scars that form on your body are no more than the amount of collagen that has clumped at the wound site while it is still healing and forms a scar. This sign can resemble a gum lesion or a fibrous knot.

They appear for a variety of reasons, such as continuous trauma to a certain area or even on scars from chickenpox or even scratches or acne spots.

There is a history of keloid scars such as in ancient Egypt; they are used to decorate women. When these scars are deliberately applied to the body in a systematic pattern, the design is created and looks like this tattoo.

There have been cases when these Egyptian women were seen with scars on their beautifully shaped bodies. So it is clear that the ancient Egyptians took this art to a certain level. These scars can grow on young children because their bodies are in a state of growth and development.

The history of this scar is quite complex and there is a bracelet behind it, including the scar on the slave's body. Regarding the treatment of this scar and the keloid that forms on it, it can be removed by surgical intervention and modern laser treatment procedures.

However, scar treatment is a completely random factor. This random factor makes things very complicated. All questions regarding scar care depend on the body of the person being treated.