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Mistakes to Avoid During iPhone App Development

Consider some factors or mistakes that should be avoided by iPhone app developers for iPhone App Development.

• Don't try to start from scratch! Many developers often develop UI elements from scratch, this consumes lot of time. Apple iPhone SDK come up with complete set of built-in buttons, sidebars, dialog etc. So try to get leverage from iPhone SDK itself rather going for custom UI elements.You can find iphone app developer at

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• Fails to deal with resolution! It is crucial and vital to keep in mind the resolution or screen size of iPhone while developing any application for it. Many developers incorporate huge image files or video within their app without considering the screen resolution, which at the end reduce the performance of the app.

• Never considering any HD graphical contents! Developers often forget basic features of iPhone like retina display and all; in fact many novice developers don't really know that iPhone gives best results in HD graphical contents. So, try to avoid such mistakes and always include some HD graphical contents to make your app stunning.

• In order to make app attractive and eye catchy, developers take help of animation. But, it creates issue when they overuse it. It will increase your app overall size and bring down the performance of the app. So, always use animation wisely.