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Achieving an Excellent Result in the IELTS Exam- Listening Module

The IELTS examination listening part is quite challenging for most IELTS candidates. There's loads of stuff on the web for improving your IELTS listening skills, however, there seems to be too little advice on some fundamentals such as understanding the underlying mechanics, and much less regarding a more general conversation on what candidates can do in order to improve their listening skills in general. 

An issue that is important is those who are knowledgeable about the Cambridge general exams FCE, CAE, and CPE should observe there are a number of differences regarding the format. The typical exam evaluation to what degree that you might be an advanced or a proficient student, as could be the case e.g. with the Certificate of Proficiency of English (CPE).

This means it is a segmented test which could either be passed or failed. You can get to know about IELTS exam preparation in Nigeria via

IELTS Exam preparation

The IELTS test is different, as it is a general test for students across various levels. It makes use of a 0 to 9 marking scheme, this characteristic makes a big difference – one which is felt for the evaluator and for the taker too.

Listen to and try to understand different speakers and passages. Play passages repeatedly. Start with getting the general idea of the passage, after that, as you listen for a second, third, and fourth moment, etc., an increasing number of details will become clear. 

Repeat this consistently, and much extra information you will be able to grasp the first time you listen. It's a difficult process, however, it's the only way.