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What Types of Grinders are there?

Weed grinders come in many different sizes, and they're quite a few different types. There are small weed grinders, large weed grinders, plastic weed grinders, and automatic weed grinders that work similarly to a coffee grinder for weed.

Some people prefer 3 part weed Hash Slicer grinders, which have not only a chamber for your freshly ground herbs but a chamber for catching your kief (the crystals that come off the buds) as well.

Hash Slicer

The kief is often used to make pressed hash or just to dust on top of a bowl as an extra treat. Your typical herb grinder comes in 4 different types of materials: plastic, metal, wood, and stone. Let's look at these and other types of grinders.  

Plastic Grinders

A plastic grinder is generally considered the lowest quality and usually only purchased when there is an immediate need for an inexpensive grinder. The teeth and body are usually made from plastic or slightly more durable lucite. This low-cost option tends to wear out and break easily. Plastic grinders are not meant to last for a long time, but they do the job. Just be prepared to find plastic teeth in your weed if you are using one.

Metal Grinder

The metal grinder is by far the most popular choice for grinding up weed. This is because metal grinders are more durable than plastic grinders and are more adept at getting the job done. They are usually made from aluminum, which is easier to clean, more inexpensive, but also very strong. No matter how dense your buds are, those teeth are not breaking! Metal grinders are usually the ones that come with multiple chambers, which are for storing your kief, making them more popular with veteran smokers.