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Something Interesting About Chia Pudding

What should you do when you don't like chia pudding?

As versatile as it is, not everyone's going to like the texture of chia pudding. This popular snack/dessert/breakfast thing is created when chia seeds are hydrated with assorted flavored liquids and set in the refrigerator. 

Due to the high soluble fiber content of the seeds, they can absorb nine times their weight in liquid, and hold it outside the seed shell in a drop of gel.

Get enough of the gel and you have got a thick batter. It may be flavored with nearly anything from the favorite veggies to chocolate, peanut butter, coconut, cashew and a whole lot more. Of course, many of the chia pudding types are attractive to look at in food photography, so you'll see them all around the web and on blogs and websites also.

chia pudding

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But what if the texture's just not for you?

Because chia is a seed, the pudding, when made generally, will be pebbly' in texture. Not everybody's going to enjoy this. Subsequently, soluble fiber may have a gelatin-like texture, as it is always wet and a little slippery. 

So if you try the pudding, and just can't get past the texture because it's too reminiscent of tapioca dots, can you still enjoy the health benefits of chia seeds? 

Many photoblogs would have you think that pudding is the only way to go with chia, but once you see what else it can do, you never need to see that texture again