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Know More About Building Construction Equipment

There is much equipment used for building construction purposes. Here is a list of widely used building construction equipment:

1) Crane: A crane is usually equipped with ropes and chains and it's commonly used to lift materials and move them horizontally.  For more information about  xcmg construction equipment & machinery for sale by camamachyou can search the internet.

For building structures like bridges and flyovers, these are most sought after equipment. There are different types of cranes:

Tower crane: It is used in the construction of tall buildings. It can go up to a height of 300 feet and lift about 20 tons of weight.

Aerial crane: Also called 'sky cranes', they're used to migrate heavy loads or in disaster management programs.

Other types of cranes used in construction are floating cranes in laying bridges, ports or dams.

2) Backhoes: Backhoes have been used for construction purposes for many years due to its versatile uses, speed and fuel efficiency. The backhoe has many unique features which makes it the number one equipment for construction:

Backhoe is an all-in-one type of equipment with numerous attachments to make construction work simpler. For instance: one would need three separate equipment for breaking and smashing rocks, transporting the material and digging trenches. It is possible to replace all these three equipment with a single backhoe.

Backhoes drive at high speeds of about 40kmph, which helps to drive them to the construction site and move them between various construction sites too.

Backhoes have kept pace with technology and come with facilities like GPRS, radio, air conditioning, etc. making workspace comfortable and thereby increasing productivity.