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A Basic Guide To Buying A Used Forklift

The process of buying a used forklift seems pretty simple. If you can find one that meets your needs at the right price, it makes very good business sense.

Consider these points :

  • A used forklift will help keep operational costs low.
  • Capital depreciation is lower, so the balance sheet looks better.
  • There will be a wide range to choose from.
  • No lease or rental payments if you buy it directly.

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Here are some basic rules to help you identify the ideal equipment for your business needs.

Understand the basics  : 

Do your research, collect and understand information as much as you can, and keep an open mind. Reading a few industry articles will give you a better understanding about forklifts in general and the current used forklift market. The more you understand, the stronger will be your ability to appreciate a good deal.

Know your requirements — carefully consider your needs, be realistic with your budget, and write up a detailed list of what you want your forklift to do for you.

Budget : An unrealistic budget probably won’t get you the forklift you need.

Forklift size : Give this some thought. For example: Will it be used inside or outside, or both? What’s the turning circle, will you need to turn in an aisle?

Buying a used forklift makes perfect sense, and will save you money – as long as you do your research and deal with a supplier who has the knowledge and experience to help you find exactly what you are looking for.