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What Is Test Automation Framework ?

It's a code structure that makes maintenance of code simple and efficient. It aids in increasing the reusability of code, decreases the costs of maintaining scripts, and provides a better comprehension of the code. 

Selenium is not an individual tool but is a set of tools to automate testing for websites. The different components of selenium include Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, the Selenium WebDriver. The most current version of selenium can be found in selenium 4 alpha 5.

Let's now explore each of these types of automation frameworks in greater specific detail:

Test framework that is data-driven In this framework, the datasets are separate from test cases. When the data sets are separate from the test scenario, it is easy to alter the test case to provide a specific function without altering the code. 

Test framework that is driven by keywords This technique increases the speed of automated tests by segregating keywords to create a common set of functions and directions. The instructions and operations to be followed are recorded in external documents such as Excel sheets. 

A hybrid framework for testing In this model, both Keyword-driven frameworks, as well with data-driven frameworks are utilized. 

It is a simple framework that permits testers who are manual to design test cases simply by reviewing the test data, keywords, and the object repository, without having to code within the framework.

With the growing amount of frameworks and languages, it's not difficult for people to be confused with these various frameworks. There are a variety of C# frameworks available for selenium testing. However, the selection of the framework is based on the requirements of your organization.