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The Best 5 Independent Debut Movies Ever

Debuts are always a great spectacle, even if the film itself isn't great, it's interesting to see what your favourite writer accomplishes on the film path for the first time. Subsequent films, however, were an important part of cinema, especially as the director's first foray into feature films. You can find the information on best debuts via

1) El Mariachi. Before a similar blockbuster in Sin City, Robert Rodriguez made his first adult feature film at the age of 23 for just $ 7,000. He raised money by volunteering for medical experiments, during which he also met some of his main voices. Rodriguez kept costs down by not having a crew. Instead, he is a screenwriter, director, cameraman, producer and editor, using friends and locals as unpaid actors.

2) Kids. Larry Clark directs this very sincere and heartfelt depiction of teenage life from New York, where we follow children of the same name through the typical days of their lives as they spend time between drug use, skateboarding.

3) Primer. Shane Carruth was a mathematician and engineer prior to this thriller trip explaining the inclusion of heavy tech jargon about physics and black holes in dialogue that serves to make this low-budget directorial debut even more immersive. 

4) Terminator. Yes, it is a completely independent film. While working on poor piranha, James Cameron dreamed that he was being chased and killed by an unstoppable metal killer. 

5) Reservoir Dog. Tarantino rushes onto the stage in a shower of blood and gore as she recounts the classic heist film where you never actually see a robbery. Reservoir Dogs has introduced a talented new director with an uncompromising postmodern style.

Big debut films are often independent because the studio only hires directors who have experience and have proven they can lead a lot.