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Resilience: Building Skills To Endure Hardship

Resilience is the ability to tap into your inner strength and help you bounce back from any setback or challenge. This could be a loss of a job, illness, or death of a loved one. 

You might become overwhelmed, dwell on your problems, or resort to unhealthy coping strategies such as substance abuse, victimization, and dwelling on them. You can also get the best resilience training through

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While resilience won't solve all your problems, it can help you see beyond them, enjoy life, and manage stress better. You can learn skills to make yourself more resilient if you aren’t as resilient as your heart desires.

Adapting to the challenges

Resilience refers to the ability to adapt to difficult situations. You can still feel anger, grief, and pain when trauma, stress, or adversity, strikes. 

However, you can continue functioning physically and psychologically. Resilience is about being able and willing to help others.

Mental health and resilience

You can protect yourself from anxiety and depression by developing resilience. Being resilient can help you overcome factors such as bullying or past trauma that may increase your risk of developing mental health issues. Resilience can help you cope with a mental illness.

It takes practice and time to become more resilient. Talking to a professional in mental health is a good idea if you feel like you aren't making any progress or don't know where you should start. You can increase your mental resilience and well-being with guidance.