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Thanks to Dust Collection Equipment, Your Facility Can Work Effectively

The presence of dust in industrial plants is not only very harmful to the performance of various types of work, but also affects the health of those who work there at the same time. There are many hazards associated with combustible dust that cannot be ignored. You can now find the best dust collecting equipment with minimum ignition temp

Wet Dust Collector - Airex Industries

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To solve this situation, there are industrial dust collection facilities to keep your factory environment free from dust and fumes. In addition, a properly designed dust extraction system can make a significant contribution to the efficient operation and durability of your system.

Ergonomic design contributes to compliance with environmental compatibility: Devices can be friendly in many ways. In most cases it consists of environmentally friendly components and materials. The machine is equipped with a lifetime filter and has a system that allows air to circulate throughout the installation.

Properly sized dust collector: The dust collector must work properly in order to work effectively with the required airflow. When the manifold is small, several problems can arise, such as: B. fast operating pressure drop, excess filter and thus frequent replacement, maintenance problems and others. 

High Pressure Manifold: The strength of the vessel is an important factor in determining explosion protection technique and equipment size. Heavy metal, high metal high pressure collectors allow you to use a simpler and less expensive explosion protection system that meets NFPA standards. It is known that such collectors are subject to explosions of flammable dust.