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What Is A Pulley Wheel And Its Applications

A pulley, a circular object made of heavy-duty materials, is used to transmit force or apply forces, lift physical objects, or guide belts, chains and ropes. A lever wheel has an axle, which is usually attached to a brace or frame that allows it to freely rotate. This prevents the wheel from rubbing as a belt, rope, or chain is wrapped around it. You can shop for durable heavy duty cable rollers at to make your job easy.

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A pulley wheel's uses can be varied. The wheel's length and width will vary depending on its purpose. The pulley wheel can be used in the engine compartment to support the timing or serpentine belt. It may also be used for powering peripheral equipment like power steering machines and air conditioners. These pulleys are small. 

Many factories and manufacturing facilities use wheels to lift or move heavy items. One or more pulleys can be used to place a rope or cable through the system. The cable's one end can then be attached to the object to be moved. Although this will reduce the work required to move an object, it can add friction to the system and make it more difficult. 

There may be a difference in the materials used to make a wheel depending on its intended purpose. A nylon or plastic pulley is sufficient for light duty systems. However, heavier duty applications will require a more durable material. Motor vehicle engine pulleys, such as the crankshaft pulley, timing pulleys or underdrive pulleys, are usually made from heat-resistant metals.