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All About Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Wood pizza ovens are considered "low tech" but very efficient. Due to the advanced heating technology and materials used in the design and construction of this type of oven, food can be prepared very quickly. For example, if it takes up to 20 minutes to cook a raw pizza full of toppings in a regular gas or electric oven, it can be done in two to three minutes in this type of outdoor pizza oven.

How is it done?

Well, inside the stove a fire burns and as it burns the heavy and insulated walls and dome of the stove heats up. As soon as this vaulted space "glows white", the fire can be extinguished or kept very low. The oven itself stays hot for hours. You can also find the quality firewood pizza oven at

Since the construction of the wood pizza oven aims for an even distribution of heat and a balance of heat sources, cooking is relatively even throughout the entire cooking space. This means that products placed in the chamber or oven will cook evenly without the need for twisting or turning. However, you want to make sure that the wood you are using is dry and of the same size. Using wood of different sizes can cause your fire to burn unevenly and take longer to heat your stove to the right temperature. Also, beware of treated trees as they can produce toxins when burned.

If you're particularly interested in making a brick pizza oven variant, there are a number of specialized websites that can provide information and instructions on how to tackle the task. Some even have excellent kits with complete assembly instructions.