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Yoga Class in Annapolis For Better Health

Yoga encompasses a combination of breathing, posture and meditation exercises that have been proven to heal both the mind and body — for over 5,000 years. Taking a yoga class from a qualified instructor will leave you feeling invigorated, while also strengthening your body and cardiovascular system.

When the weather is agreeable, many practitioners can be found taking a yoga class in local community centers including parks, beaches and other areas that bring participants closer to nature. You can also join the best physical exercises classes in Annapolis.

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In modern society, the benefits of taking a yoga class a few times a week are:

  • Improved metabolism — fat burning, digestion, appetite control.
  • Mental clarity and ability to focus on day-to-day tasks better.
  • More restful and rejuvenating sleep at night.
  • The overall sense of well-being and contentedness.
  • Improved flexibility — yoga focuses on increasing the blood pathways through the body, including flexibility in the joints and muscles.

Other resources:

Books and Videos

For those of you out there who don't wish to participate in a public yoga class, there are many instructional books and videos available, that can take you from the beginning exercises on to more advanced routines.


There are plenty of online forums and instructional websites that can help guide you through the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga as well. Joining a yoga forum is a great way to share secrets with peers and help keep each other motivated to continue your efforts.