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Finding The Perfect Wedding Photographer

How do you find a trusted wedding photographer for your wedding? Once you start looking, it all gets a little confusing – there are so many! But with a little preparation, you'll be much better equipped to judge what you see – and it's important to invest that time at this stage, not just do it later.

There is a big difference between someone who can handle a camera and take great photos and a seasoned professional who can make a beautiful wedding. You can also get information about personalised wedding photography through the web.

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So instead of being amazed by a beautiful website, try breaking it down and tagging it according to four criteria:


Start browsing the website. What kind of photography speaks to you and makes you say "This is what I want"?


Marriage is demanding and stressful and hard work. The only way to do this successfully is to be passionate about what you do. Professional photographers take their business and profession seriously – it's not "hobby money" for them.


It just takes experience to understand and anticipate the wedding day. But experience is also needed to understand and anticipate the couple's needs before and after the day – good service according to an old tradition.

Professional photographers are the only wedding service providers who work the entire wedding day before you put on your dress to your dance shoes.