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How To Set Up Your Online Group Coaching Program in Adelaide

Running an online group coaching program is a great way to leverage your time, effort and expertise so you can reach more people and generate more income.

Many best small business coach I work with are aware of these benefits, yet got held back by the "technology" side of things. What tools to use? How to make these tools work together to provide a seamless experience?

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Good news is, you only need a few tools (many are free or low-cost) and link them together to provide a professional experience.You might have participated in group programs by some high-level coaches with a lot of bells and whistles, and you feel that you have to build the same platform before you can launch – which of course, is not true!!

Keep in mind that it's your guidance and relevant content that your clients want most from you, not a spiffy membership site to which they can upload their pictures!

Before you go about researching different tools and websites, sit down for a moment and write down how you want your clients to experience the content delivery of your program. Is that through PDF guides, teleseminars or webinars? Do you want to offer online support in-between session, and what level of involvement do you envision? Do you have a lot of supporting materials that you want them to download?

Mapping out the entire user experience can help you focus on selecting the tools that can provide targeted solution, so you don't have to spend time, money and energy on "extra" stuff that you don't need. (hello, bright shiny objects!)