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Use of Cubical Curtains for Room Separation

In hospitals, cubicle curtains are widely used to create a separation of rooms. For special occasions, corporate offices, and other purposes, institutions can also use them. Cubicle curtains can be described as a generic term and include blackout curtains or disposable curtains, bioactive curtains, shower curtains.

A cubicle privacy curtain is a piece of cloth that divides a room into different enclosures. The hospital uses tracking systems extensively to give privacy to patients and facilitate medical treatment.

Fabrics with a long-life flame retardant capability are used by almost all manufacturers. Curtain tracks, curtain carriers, or other supporting structures would suspend the curtain cloth. Curtain tracking is the most popular support for cubicle curtains. 

The hospital curtains would have a variety of woven fabrics, which would be sewed together. To allow light and air to flow into the cubicle, the top part of the cubicle curtain would consist of mesh fabric. To provide complete privacy, the lower section would be made of opaque fabric.

Most manufacturers use FR nylon mesh fabric to cover the top with a snag-free, woven header and a grommet that provides support and ensures durability. For absolute flame resistance, the bottom section would be made with 100% fire retardant polyester yarn.

These fabrics can be classified as antibacterial, antimicrobial, botanical, bio-active, eco-friendly, and eco-friendly. These fabrics are used to make cubicle curtains that are also included in the curtain tracking system to make this work easier.