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All About Mass Gainer Supplements

Mass gainers are high-calorie supplements that contain various levels of protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and various other supplements. The amount of protein in a mass gainer may be less than that of Whey Protein but the level of carbohydrates and fats is certainly on a higher side.

This high carb amount is necessary to boost calorie intake. There are various types of mass gainers available in the market today with different amounts of caloric supply. Try going for a mass gainer that has less sugar and more complex carbs in each serving.

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A single serving of a mass gainer can provide anywhere from 350 calories to greater than 1200 calories. The amount of protein may also vary from as low as 15 grams to as high as 65 grams or even more.

So, though a mass gainer may act as a source of protein, it should be taken by people who are hard gainers. They are the ones who do not gain weight as easily as an average person would after eating a sumptuously balanced diet.

So, in combination with their everyday food intake, skinny or thin people can opt for mass gainers if they want to build a significant amount of muscle mass. So, the high amount of calories one will get from a mass gainer will help that person bulk up. A mass gainer can be taken blended with water or milk before or after a workout as required or directed by a health expert.