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The Lawn Mowing Challenges

The grass in your lawn that is newly made from seed must not be cut until the stems are nearly 2 inches high. Therefore during the first couple weeks of mowing, the mower should set at maximum height and the blades should be very sharp. 

The setting of the mowing machine can be progressively lowered as the grass settles down and is fully established, which are some lawn mowing techniques you should know. You can also look for the great lawn mowing services across Australia online. 



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Just a day before mowing a newly seeded lawn and especially for the first time, make sure you take the mower over the grass with the blades disengaged. 

Few things to remember before lawn mowing

The lawn made from turfs would generally have several months to settle down before the arrival of the mowing season. 

So, when the grass settles down and is fully established, the best caution is when you have doubts about the grass's strength. 

Therefore right mowing techniques are very important in mowing such lawns. As the season changes and summer arrives it is essential to change the frequency of mowing the grass over the new lawn. 

Moreover, also make sure a sharp blade is used to mow the grass or it would result in fuzzy mowing giving your lawn a dull or rugged look. You should also know that mowing on a wet lawn is more difficult than on a dry lawn.