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Know About Laser Welding Systems

Gas supply systems for laser welding, also known by the name laser beam welding (LBW) are devices employed in welding to join metal components with the aid of the laser. The beam of the laser can be used to provide a precise source of heat that results in consistently high rates of welding and uniform welding.

Studies suggest that laser welding system is most prevalent in industries that have a large volume of work like the automotive industry. If you want to get the services of laser welding, then you can visit Proto Lase.

laser welding

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Like the electron beam welding (EBW) systems, high intensity and focused power laser welding create zones that are heat-sensitive and have extremely concentrated cooling and heating rates. The size of the point laser is variable and typically ranges between 0.2mm to 13mm. Smaller sizes are especially efficient for welding. 

The power level is directly proportional to the depth of perforation of the laser. The depth of penetration is at its highest when the laser target is located a little below what is the level of the area that is to be welded.

Laser welding can be adaptable to robots. Laser hybrids may combine laser and arc supplies using a method known as gas metal welding. The type of supply regulators is different depending on the use. The hybrid provides better position flexibility in the process as the supply of molten metal, as well as the velocity of laser, are combined to produce a great amount of power.