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All About Essential Pet Supplies

The right pet supplies can make a great difference in your feline's health and happiness. Cats love their humans but can be rather persnickety about their food, toys, bedding, and even their litter box.

If you lay in a supply of essentials before you adopt any kind of pets, you would be building a solid foundation for responsible pet ownership. A pet poop bag dispenser with a long handle is also one of the important pet supplies to buy. 

The bare necessities for owning a pet include the right food, water, and food dishes, poop accessories, a litter box, kitty litter, and an identification collar. Your veterinarian will know whether canned, dry, or moist food (or a combination) is best.

However, unless your pet has special health needs, the litter box and type of litter for toilet incidences are solely at your discretion. Charcoal granules, wood pellets, and non-toxic biodegradable silica pellets are just a few of many choices to consider.

An identification collar with your name, address, and telephone number is a necessity should your pet feline get lost. A bed can be an important item to have for your cat or kitten so they have a designated sleep area.

Toys, especially those filled with catnip are important to channel their curiosity into more constructive pursuits. A carrier would allow for easier transportation of your cat or kitten, should you have to travel or visit the veterinarian.

While having basic necessities is important for cat and dog ownership, there are some pet supplies that might be deemed essential for optimal care.