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Make Your Lawn Beautiful

The success or failure of any lawn is highly dependent on how you cut your grass. While lawn mowing may appear to be a simple task that requires little expertise, the process extends far beyond maneuvering an ordinary mower or heavy-duty ride-on mower on your lawn, if you wish to achieve outstanding results.

Timing is also essential for mowing your lawn, to avoid cutting unnecessary amounts of grass. Also, you must know the correct height with which to mow your lawn. You can also get lawn aeration services from

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This is particularly important when you are looking to trim your grass blades extremely low. In this article, you will learn the fundamentals of managing your lawn correctly.

Always alternate your mowing cutting pattern

When mowing your lawn, your aim is to reduce grass height, while maintaining uniformity during the entire process. For optimal results, it is best to avoid the same cutting pattern while mowing.

When you cut in a different direction, it enables your grass blades to stand nice and tall since you are not moving from a particular angle.

Know the right time to mow

Lawn maintenance is not about trimming the lawn at all times. When new grass has just been planted, it's advisable to wait for it to grow and mature before contemplating cutting.

 If you planted different grass on your property, don't expect uniform growth because each plant has its own unique growing pattern.