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Porch Railings For Long Lasting Impression

Porch railings require a careful selection of materials. Workability is more important than form and appearance. Materials should be suitable for unique designs. Modern porch railings must have flowing lines and no corners. 

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The most common materials are:

  1. Stainless steel: Stainless steel is the best choice for porch railings because of its high workability, and the fact it can maintain its shine even in harsh conditions. Stainless steel requires minimal maintenance because it does not require polishing or painting.

  2. PVC coated steel: Steel can be coated in many colors with PVC. You can combine the design of railings with a porch with multicolored railings. PVC coated steel requires very little maintenance and can look almost new again by simply washing it.

  3. PVC railings. Although PVC is an excellent material for railings, it can look cheap so it is not recommended for porch railings. Higher yield (or "it gives up more") and the higher deflection can give the impression that PVC is unsafe. It is therefore not recommended for porch railing.

  4. Aluminum: While aluminum railings meet the aesthetic and maintenance requirements, they are not suitable for porch railings. This is because it is difficult to extrude aluminum extrusions into flowing forms. Aluminum extrusions should not be used in railings unless they are straight.

You can make a lasting impression by choosing the right material for your porch railings.