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Getting Perm Hair In Singapore Salons

Professional hairdressers can provide many different kinds of perms that aren't available at home for use. You can find many types of perm methods there.

Some of them are below:

Acid perms create highly conditioned and flexible curls. They are perfect for hair that is thin, delicate, fragile, damaged or colored due to their mildly acidic effect that reduces the chance of damage to hair.

Alkaline perm gives strong curly results on normal hair and hair with a lot of resistance. If you want you can also find a good salon for perm hair in Singapore by navigating the internet.

Getting Perm Hair At Salons In Singapore 

Exothermic perm gives elastic, bouncy curls. "Exothermic" means the soft heat generated by the chemical reaction which happens when the lotion is mixed. The heat helps the lotion penetrate the cuticle of hair which strengthens and conditions the hair's structure from within while the lotion molds hair into its new shape.

Each of these types of perms can be combined in conjunction with various techniques to create different results, like:

Body perms are extremely soft, loose perms that are created using large curlers, or time rollers. The result is added volume with the appearance of waves and movement instead of curls.

Root perms add volume and lift to the root region only. They provide volume and height and are therefore great for hair that is short and tends to fall flat.

Spiral perms create romantic spiral curls. It is an effect created by wrapping the hair around specially designed long curlers. The volume of curls make the long hair appear more thick.

Stack perms give volume and curl to hair of one length cuts using different sizes of curlers. The hair on the top part of the head is unpermed, while the ends and middle have movement and curl.