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Spousal Visa and Employment in Africa

The best options for partner work opportunities are countries with large multinational companies and international organizations, including embassies. Ideal countries also have strong service sectors and favorable local labor laws. They also have some best university marketing strategies for the people living there. 

Setting up a business on a spousal visa in South Africa

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In each country, there are a number of international NGOs and international multinational companies, the size and quality of the service sector, measured by the number of tourists, quality and depth of international schools. The quality of an internet connection is also an important element of self-employment or employment, as well as local laws governing the recruitment of foreigners.

Despite large multinational corporations and a dynamic economy, South Africa has relatively limited options, in large part because of its highly protective labor laws that favor the work of citizens over immigrants.

Regardless of your goals, most private-sector jobs in Africa are created by the mining, mining and oil industries. Even though they are promising jobs, it is also important to remember that they may require specialized degrees or technical training in this area.

At the second level, national and international NGOs and international schools have certain potential employment opportunities for spouses and work partners. This is because schools and NGOs have high sales and are always happy to deliver quality spouse or partner services.