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Preparing a Sales System for Your Business

An integral part of any business endeavor is having a plan in place to prepare, complete, and follow up on a sale. This article will assist you with creating a thorough sales system for your business. You can look for a sales system and 'Quotation system to grow your business' online(also known as 'Sistema de cotizaciones para hacer crecer tu negocio' in the Spanish language).

The 9 Best Sales Management Systems to Help Your Team Sell Smarter

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Preparation for the Sale

Create a Price Structure

Products: Develop a price structure based upon your target client's price range, the cost of material, the time involved in creating the product, marketing, and shipping.

Service: When offering a service, you can set an hourly rate or offer bids. When offering bids to your prospective customers, you should offer your clients three options. A low price that includes the minimum required to complete the job, a medium bid, and a high bid that includes all the extras. 

Create Professional Brochures and Business Cards

Often the first impression that you make on your clients is through your brochure and business card. Have your marketing material printed from a professional printer and ensure that your wording and pictures give an accurate portrait of your company.

Have a Lead Tracking and Business Card Management System

A lead tracking and business card management system will allow you to efficiently follow up on leads and keep track of the business cards that you receive.

Complete the Sale

Create Order Forms

If you will be utilizing paper order forms, ensure that they are easy to read and professionally printed. If your sales will be offered through the internet, have a professional and informative website with an easy-to-use shopping cart option.

Offer Receipts

Every customer or client should be given a receipt at the time of payment.