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New Innovations In Bike Accessories

Manufacturers continue to push the boundaries and create new bicycle accessories using technology. You can also buy new electric bikes for sale online.

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Look for new innovations to make riding more fun and challenging.

Extra Power

An electric bicycle can offer more power, which can help cyclists go further and faster. However, some prefer the manual model. There is a new way to add power when you are climbing the steepest hills. These new gadgets attach easily to the seat post. Flip a switch to give you an extra boost. The roller will lower so that it touches the rear tire's top. Once you are done, lift the roller up so that it touches the tire.

Built-in Rear and Front Lights

For cyclists who cycle in darkness, lights are an important accessory. These lights can cause clutter on the handlebars. They can also be stolen or damaged and lost.

Consider installing handlebars that have built-in rear and front lights instead of auxiliary lighting. These lights are more discreet and less likely to get damaged. Some models even include GPS and speedometer capabilities. Multi-color bulbs are available for additional features.

Computer-Controlled Suspension

It's not pleasant to ride on bumps or potholes. Although some cycle designs include computer-controlled suspension, it has never been made available separately. You can convert an existing fork into a computer-controlled model. A built-in accelerometer can detect and adjust immediately to cushion you against jars and jolts.