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Important Considerations When Buying A Petrol Lawn Mower

Buying one of the many cheap petrol shears is a basic purchase, and buying the wrong one for your lawn can be a costly mistake.

What follows is a sort of buying guide when deciding which mower to fill, and provides a bit of an overview of the features you should consider at this point before buying. You can also purchase petrol lawnmowers in Laois at Millers Home & Garden.

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The petrol self-propelled lawnmower sees the engine connected to the rear wheel (or pulley), which pushes it forward at an easy speed – usually about 4 km/hr – without having to push. Of course, the gasoline self-propelled lawnmower requires more engine power than the lift lawnmower.

Self-propelled or not, the rear roller flattens the lawn once the mower has done its job, helping to create a classic striped yard where we all imagine what our lawn will look like.

The cutting width describes the blade size and the width of the grass to be cut in one loop. The larger the width, the more grass will be cut at the same time.

A gasoline lawnmower with a cutting width of 40cm requires 25 straight lines to complete a full mow, whereas a lawnmower with a cutting width of 50cm takes only 20, which means mowing the lawn takes 20% less time (and effort).