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How to Build a Timber Retaining Wall?

To build a timber retaining wall, dig a trench along the line where your wall is located. The trench should be approximately equal to the depth and width of the timber that will be used to build the walls by Heyden Frame & Truss.

If you need space to work the back wall, dig that space before you start building the wall. Use a flat floor to level the floor where the timber will rest on. Lay the first row of logs flat in the trench. Once your first log has been laid along the trench, begin stacking your second row. 

Beat the timber edges to ensure a strong wall. Use nails (8 inch 60D nail) to secure each layer of timber to the layer underneath. The timber retaining walls are built straight – not sloping like stone walls – so maintain a height or plumb line when setting them.

If your wall is about 16 inches taller, tie the tree every eight or ten feet at a different level to keep your wall upright and ensure it doesn't fall forward due to the constant pressure placed on it. 

To add lumber for fastening, simply place one log perpendicular to the other, but lengthwise over the area to be filled. When the area is refilled, it will act as an anchor to hold the wall in place and ensure that your timber retaining wall is maintained.