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Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques

The most popular and fastest-growing EOR technique, which accounts for 50 percent of EOR production, involves a gas injection. The gas injection has proved as the best and most effective method for increasing the production of oil in different types of reservoirs for oil.

The purpose of gas injections is to improve the pressure in the reservoir, boost oil production, and decrease operating expenses. One reason this type of EOR isn't seeing more widespread use is the large upfront costs to invest in the necessary devices and the gas component. You can also get the best oil retrieval services from various online resources.

While gas injection may lead to lower operational expenses, this starting fixed price was a barrier to entry into gas injection EOR for a lot of smaller oil companies. 

As mentioned previously the investment return generated by the increasing oil prices has paved smaller oil companies from independent companies to join the game also.

Communities like Midwest, Wyoming, are receiving ancillary benefits as well by gas injection EOR carried out by companies such as Anadarko Petroleum. Gas injection EOR removed the land of a number of unsightly power poles, traditional pumping wells, as well as power lines. 

Another method used in less than 1% of all EOR initiatives is the chemical injection, where polymers that have long chains are employed to enhance the efficacy of water floods. Water flooding is an extensively employed secondary EOR method used to boost overall field production while attaining higher oil-to-water ratios.