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DUI Is Serious Criminal Case In Erie PA

You aren't usually a heavy drinker. You had a few too many drinks one night and thought you could make it home quickly enough to not be noticed by police. You were caught and are now facing a DUI charge in Erie PA. A DUI is serious even if you managed to avoid injuring or damaging property.

This is a serious charge that could have a significant impact on your life. You need to contact a criminal lawyer in Erie PA via

You could face thousands of dollars in fines and higher insurance rates if you are convicted of DUI. In addition, you may lose your driver's license for a time. A DUI conviction could cost you your job if you are unable to drive.

criminal lawyers in erie pa

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Jail can also mean losing your job, or worse, being separated from your loved ones and family. It will be recorded on your criminal record. This means that the consequences can last a lifetime.

In Erie, Drinking and driving are serious offenses in the eyes of law. You will need to prove your innocence if you are found guilty. Bad judgment can cost you years and years of hard work, savings, security, and financial stability. It can also have an impact on your family's income and transportation.

Make sure you have everything in place before you go out on a night where alcohol is likely to be consumed. You don't want the long-term effects of a DUI to be a risk. You must have someone confident and experienced in handling your case in court.