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Building and Extending the Functionality of the Facebook Messenger Bot

A messenger bot is an artificially intelligent program that uses artificial intelligence to chat with individuals. This program is usually programmed by a person or group of people, who will be the ones to launch the bot on Facebook Messenger. A messenger bot is specifically designed to know the queries, offer answers and even help people while using this artificial intelligence software. The bot, just like Facebook users themselves, can post answers to questions posted by Messenger Bot users. Facebook Messenger Bot makes use of a complex artificial intelligence system called the "Knowledge Base" designed by Facebook to support the functions of Messenger Bot. The Knowledge Base can be tapped for various different functions such as adding information and generating answers to posted queries.

In case you are unfamiliar with Facebook Messenger Bot, here is how the functionality works. When a user creates a message on Facebook, it is forwarded to the bot through Facebook's Messenger Platform without the knowledge or consent of the user. If the post is interesting enough, the bot will respond with a short but personalized pre-written response or post on the subject of the post.

There are many advantages of using the Facebook Messenger Bot since it can provide a great way of communicating with others. Apart from that, Facebook's automation capabilities have made the whole process quite easy. Unlike the normal messaging apps, the Facebook Messenger Bot provides you with an easier and less frustrating experience. Users do not have to worry about writing long messages, just write a brief sentence or short statement, attach the image or graphic of the thing they are looking for and attach the audio file too. As soon as the data is uploaded in the Bot's database, it begins to work upon it automatically.

One major advantage of the Facebook Messenger Bot is the fact that you don't have to be an expert computer programmer or a software engineer to work on this bot. The artificial intelligence of the bot works on the basis of simple programs that you may find lying around the internet. All you need to do is upload your file containing the data that you want the bot to process and then allow it to run. You need not be technology savvy to use the Facebook Messenger Bot since even basic computer users can do so. With the use of Facebook's other apps such as the API, the Bot can make requests to various third-party services such as Twitpic, Picasa, and Vimeo.

Since the Facebook Messenger Bot runs on the basis of artificial intelligence, you will not experience any bugs or glitches in it. You can easily tell the difference between your chatbot and a real human being since it responds and behaves similarly to them. Moreover, with so many artificial intelligence and automated programs running on the net, you can also trust the accuracy of the information provided to you by the chatbot. Unlike other social networking platforms where you may get inaccurate information or false news based on what you might think is true, you can be sure that the information provided by the chatbot is true and accurate. It is also safe to use since there have been no instances where a person has created a fake profile to fool the bot.

The second feature that makes the Facebook Messenger Bot popular is its wide array of features. There are many modules that make interacting with the bot easier and simpler for everyone. The most popular module is the Customer Service module which enables you to ask and answer frequently asked questions from customers. You can also connect with a service provider to send them messages regarding changes to terms and policies. These messages are also sent to the entire network, which helps to ensure transparency in the whole communication process. For example, when one of your Facebook friends requests information about a particular product, the bot replies with the latest information on the product.

The third module of the Facebook Messenger Bot is the Marketplace. This platform allows third-party applications to be developed and uploaded onto the Facebook server where millions of users can access them. Once downloaded, these third-party applications can then be used by everyone in the network. An example of a popular application that was recently developed is the E-commerce module. This allows customers to shop using a virtual card terminal and browse through the various products available for sale. Since many people use Facebook to purchase their daily necessities, it would seem like a no-brainer that a company should take advantage of this medium and launch a Facebook Messenger Bot that provides a means for its customers to purchase goods and services.

Many of these bots have already been built, but there is still a lot of work left to be done. Since chat bots were built to be robust and capable of conversing with humans in a way that they would naturally do, it is up to developers to extend their capabilities and make these chat bots as versatile as possible. Chat bots are a great idea and will hopefully continue to grow in use. If you are interested in building one, you can find a variety of resources on the web. Chat Bots are not just for Facebook anymore.