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Auto Dealership Cleaning: Finding The Right Vendor

When selling a car, cleaning the dealership is very important because customers value your brand and showroom through the image you present. Cleaning a business is a challenge for a cleaning business because offices are often large and have many different areas and surfaces throughout the building that perform different functions. You can also avail the benefits of best auto dealer reconditioning software to find the right vendor.

The challenge of cleaning the car dealer

The cars on display may be the main attraction at the dealership, but the large windowed space that houses the cars also provides office space for the sales staff. Homes usually have private offices where clients can discuss financing, and administrative and accounting offices stocked with equipment and filing cabinets. Many dealerships have service facilities that include a repair room, a customer waiting area, as well as toilets and restrooms for employees. With the separation of new and used car sales, used car salespeople can work in separate buildings.

All of these areas result in a mixture of glass, carpet, tile, metal, porcelain, marble, wood, plastic and fabric surfaces that are cleaned with different frequencies, methods and detergents.

What do you expect from your cleaning company?

Most traders have the following requirements:

– General cleaning of offices, lobbies, waiting rooms, spare parts and service departments

– Pay special attention to the floor of the exhibition hall, which can be tiles, marble or other materials

– Scratch-free window cleaning

– Maintenance of wooden floors in offices and other areas

– Automatic cleaning of service compartments, service compartments and workshop floors to ensure these areas look as clean as any other facility